Probably the best known coastal town in Morocco, Essaouira is often referred to as the "windy city" or the "sleepy town". 

There is a small medina which is very peaceful, there are plenty of souks to keep you busy and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

The Skala Fortress where Orson Wells filmed most of Othello in 1949 is a must see.

There is a large beach in Essaouira, it is very nice on a clear day, it is used by kite surfers and you can do quad biking here if you want.

The harbour is always a hive of activity, with small fishing vessles setting sail to get their daily catch. 

Fresh seafood is everywhere is Essaouira and if you are a fan of it then a meal at the famous fish market is a must do.

The daytrip starts at 8-9am in Marrakech and returns around 7-8pm.

The total cost of this daytrip is 1350 DH (approx 120 Euros). 

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